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Permission To Dance at the U.N. Headquarters?

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Absolutely yes!! Permission granted!

Never did we expect that BTS would up the ante in their third U.N. appearance and do a Permission To Dance rendition in the hallowed halls of the United Nations headquarters.

Permission To Dance at the United Nations HQ (20 Sep 2021)
From the Speakers' Rostrum To the Foyer

In what looked like a fabulous one take, the rendition starts with Jungkook and RM at the speakers' rostrum at the empty auditorium of the U.N. General Assembly.

They then proceeded to join the rest of BTS in the dance along the central aisle of the auditorium, flanked by rows of empty seats which, on official days, would be filled by delegates of the 193 member states of the U.N.

Excellent choreography brought the BTS members, in one single smooth flow, down the stairs of the auditorium, through the doors, out to the lobby and ending the indoor segment, with all seven members exiting the building simultaneously via seven exit doors.

Out of the U.N. Secretariat Building Onto the Park

BTS exited the 155-metre tall U.N. Secretariat Building and continued their rendition along the plaza before advancing to the adjoining park which overlooks Brooklyn across the East River.

Out from the U.N. Secretariat Building and Onto the Park

Here, other dancers joined in at the lawns of the park under the fantastically sunny weather, ending the Permission To Dance video on a perfect note with the skyscrapers of the Manhattan skyline looming behind.

Why was BTS at the U.N. Headquarters?

As we covered in our earlier post Special Presidential Envoys — that's the new title of BTS!, BTS members were appointed the Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture and accompanied South Korean president Moon Jae-In to the United Nations General Assembly where they.attended the 2nd meeting of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG Moment.

It was at the SDG Moment where BTS gave their uplifting speech (yes, our idols did show some slightness nervousness in front of the world leaders and dignitaries) followed by their video performance of the above Permission To Dance rendition, which was likely produced a day or two before.

U.N. Speeches of President Moon Jae-In and BTS.

So, did you catch their live speech and video performance? We certainly did and boy, once again, the performance at the actual U.N. Secretariat building took our breaths away.

Refresh That Moment as Special Presidential Envoys

One week prior to their appearance at the U.N. General Assembly, our BTS idols received their Special Presidential Envoy awards and their diplomatic passports from President Moon Jae-In at the Blue House. Relive the ceremony at our post Special Presidential Envoys — that's the new title of BTS!!

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