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Featured Dramas relating to Viki

1How Are You Bread (2020)

Released in 2020 on Naver TV Cast, Viki. Who's in the cast of How Are You Bread ? The cast includes Lee Se Young who played Noh Mi Rae main , Kang Pil-sun as Damon and Moon Ji Yoon acting as Patrick (Do Woo's friend).  See full data on How Are You Bread (2020) »

2To My Star (2021)

To My Star

Released in 2021 on Viki. Check out the cast of To My Star. The cast includes Jo Han-joon who played Yang In Woo (Ep. 7) cameo , Han Ji-won as Lee Yoon Seul and Kim Kang Min acting as Han Ji Woo main .  See full data on To My Star (2021) »

3River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

Released in 2021 on KBS2 , Viki , ViuTV. Check out the cast of River Where the Moon Rises. The cast includes Kang Haneul who played On Hyup (On Dal's father) (Ep. 1-2, 4, 10-13) cameo , Kim Hee Jung as Tara Jin (Tara San's twin sister) and Park Min-sang acting as Go Geon (Young) (Ep. 1) cameo .  See full data on River Where the Moon Rises (2021) »

4Sponsor (2022)

Released in 2022 on MBN , Viki. Find out who acted in Sponsor. The cast includes Kim Hee Jung who played Park Da Hye (Da Som's younger sister / Beauty product development team employee), Lee Ji-hoon as Lee Seon Woo main and Ji Yi-soo acting as Park Da Som main .  See full data on Sponsor (2022) »

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