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Featured Dramas relating to OCN

1Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020)

Released in 2020 on OCN. Check out the actors and actresses in Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation. The cast includes Kim Kwang-kyu who played Gang boss, Seo Hye-won as Cho So-yoo and Song Yoo-hyun acting as PD Hong (OCM Fact Check).  See full data on Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020) »

2Children of a Lesser God (2018)

Released in 2018 on OCN. Check out the actors and actresses in Children of a Lesser God. The cast includes Jang Gwang who played Pastor Wang, Ahn Kil-kang as Kim Ho Ki and Lee Elijah acting as Baek A-hyun.  See full data on Children of a Lesser God (2018) »

3My Secret Romance (2017)

Released in 2017 on OCN. Who's in the cast of My Secret Romance ? The cast includes Kim Jae-Young who played Jeong Hyeon Tae main , Nam Gi Ae as Jo Mi Hee (Yoo Mi's mother) and Lee Joo-young acting as Resort manager (Ep.1, 8) cameo .  See full data on My Secret Romance (2017) »

4The Lies Within (2019)

Released in 2019 on OCN. Who's in the cast of The Lies Within ? The cast includes Ye Soo-jung who played Coroner, Kim Hak-sun as Kang Man-Soo and Kim Shi-eun acting as Kang Jin Kyung.  See full data on The Lies Within (2019) »

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