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Romance Without Love (2021)

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Romance Without Love / Nothing Serious 연애 빠진 로맨스 starring Jeon Jong-seo, Son Seok-gu and Gong Min-jung

Romance Without Love (연애 빠진 로맨스)
Released in 2021.

Who's in the cast of Romance Without Love? The cast includes Son Seok-koo who played Park Woo Ri main, Kim Young-ok as Ja-young's grandmother and Bae Yoo-ram acting as Woo Sung.

Written and directed by Jeong Ga-young, the film centers around a man Woo-ri (Son Seok-gu) and a woman Ja-young (Jeon Jong-seo), who meet through an app out of fear of loneliness and an anxiety for dating, becoming friends with benefits before re-discovering the process of love.

Released on November 24, 2021, its box office performance takes 9thth rank among Korean films released in 2021 with 604,672 theater admissions and US$5.15 million gross revenue.


Lead Actors

Son Seok-koo is experiencing surging success from his performance in My Liberation Notes, while Jeon Jong-seo will be part of a stellar ensemble for the Netflix hostage thriller Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area (2022), which will be released in late June 2022.


Romance Without Love won the Best Screenplay Award at the 58th Baeksang Arts Award in 2022. The award was received by Jeong Ga-young and Wang Hye-ji.

Featured Cast of Romance Without Love

1Son Seok-koo

Son Seok-koo acted as Park Woo Ri main.

Son Seok-koo 손석구

Actor, also known as Son Suk-ku. Son Seok-koo has acted in close to 8 Korean movies, putting him at the top 20 percentile among male artistes who are born in February, 1983. With an acting career spanning more than 9 years, Son Seok-koo recently appeared in My Liberation Notes (2022) , Casino (2022) and The Roundup (2022) in South Korea, Son Seok-koo's birthday falls on 07 February, 1983 (Aquarius). Notable artistes who are also born in 1983 include Kim Heung-soo and Kim Jin-woo. He is 178 cm tall and weighs 73 kg, with a BMI of 23.04 ( healthy and normal). He studied at School of the Art Institute of Chicago .

Son Seok-koo is seeing surging popularity from his stellar performances in recent drama series such as D.P. and My L..   See full data on Son Seok-koo »

2Jeon Jong-seo

Jeon Jong-seo acted as Ja Young main.

Actress, also known as Rachel Jun. At 167cm, Jeon Jong-seo is among the top 5 tallest female artistes from Sejong University. Jeon Jong-seo is born in Seoul, South Korea on 05 July, 1994 (Cancer). Notable artistes who are also born in 1994 include Hyeri , Lee Yoo-mi and Seo Eun-soo. Her height is 167 cm, at a weight of 57 kg, with a BMI of 20.44 ( healthy and normal). Jeon Jong-seo studied at Sejong University. Fellow well-known artistes from Sejong University include Song Hye Kyo and Shin Hye-Sun .

The actress has at least 5 movies to her filmography. Her recent movies include Ballerina (2023), Mona Lisa and the Bloo..   See full data on Jeon Jong-seo »

3Kim Young-ok

Kim Young-ok acted as Ja-young's grandmother.

Kim Young-ok 김영옥

Actress. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim Young-ok's birthday falls on 05 December, 1937 (Sagittarius). Notable artistes who are also born in 1937 include. A veteran actress with an awesome acting career of more than 37 years, Kim Young-ok recently appeared in Bravo, My Life (2022) , Pachinko (2022) and Tomorrow (2022)

Kim Young-ok has acted in numerous drama shows (at least 94 shows). Her recent drama shows include Tomorrow (2022), Pachinko (2022), Bravo, My Life (2022) and Squid Game (2021).

Kim Young-ok has been prolific in acting, having acted in at least 24 movies. Her recent movies include Take Care of Mom (2022), Romance Without Love (2021), Snowy Road (2015) and Makgeolli Girls (2015).  See full data on Kim Young-ok »

4Kim Seul-gi

Kim Seul-gi acted as Seon-bin's friend.

Actress, also known as Kim Seul-ki. Kim Seul-gi has acted in close to 26 K-drama shows, putting her in the top 10% among all female artistes in this aspect. With an acting career spanning more than 12 years, Kim Seul-gi recently appeared in Shooting Stars (2022) , Love According to the Law (2022) and Stella (2022) Born in Busan, South Korea, Kim Seul-gi's birthday falls on 10 October, 1991 (Libra). Other famous artistes originating from Busan also include Seo Eun-soo , Hwang Bo-ra and Kim Hye-soo. She stands at a height of 157 cm. She studied at Seoul Institute of the Arts. Fellow notable alum..   See full data on Kim Seul-gi »

5Kim Jae-hwa

Kim Jae-hwa acted as chief editor.

Actress. At a height of 168cm, Kim Jae-hwa is among the top 30 tallest female artistes who are born under the Virgo sign. Kim Jae-hwa is born in Seoul, South Korea on 01 September, 1980 (Virgo). Other well-known artistes from Seoul include Lee Na-young , Kim Hye Ri and Oh Hyun-kyung. She is 168 cm tall. Kim Jae-hwa studied at Chung-Ang University. Fellow famous alumni of Chung-Ang University include Shin Se Kyung , Kim Hee-ae and Yoo In-young. With an acting career spanning more than 13 years, Kim Jae-hwa recently appeared in Why Her (2022) , Cleaning Up (2022) and Work Later, Drink Now (2021)

Kim Jae-hwa has acted in numerous drama shows (at least 26 shows). Her recent drama shows inclu..   See full data on Kim Jae-hwa »

6Gong Min Jung

Gong Min Jung acted as Seon-bin.

Actress, also known as Kim Min Jung / 공민정. Gong Min Jung is the third tallest female artiste (169cm) among female artistes from Konkuk University. in South Korea, Gong Min Jung's birthday falls on 30 September, 1986 (Libra). Notable artistes from also include. She is 169 cm tall. She has the blood type AB. She studied at Konkuk University. Fellow notable alumni of Konkuk University include Kim Hye Yoon , Wang Ji Hye and Jang Hee-jin. With an acting career that spans more than 12 years, Gong Min Jung recently appeared in One Dollar Lawyer (2022) , Little Women (2022) and Drown (2022)

Gong Min Jung has been prolific in acting, having acted in at least 29 movies. Her recent movies include Just ..   See full data on Gong Min Jung »

7Bae Yoo-ram

Bae Yoo-ram acted as Woo Sung.

Actor, also known as Bae Yoo Ram. in South Korea, Bae Yoo-ram's birthday falls on 22 August, 1986 (Leo). Other well-known artistes born in the year of 1986 include Kang Gil-woo , Oh Dong-min and Kim Jae-joong. His height is 175 cm, at a weight of 66 kg, with a BMI of 21.55 ( healthy and normal). With an acting career that spans more than 15 years, Bae Yoo-ram recently appeared in The King of Pigs (2022) , Unicorn (2022) and Haruki Urakai (2022)

Bae Yoo-ram has acted in numerous drama shows (at least 23 shows). His recent drama shows include Taxi Driver 2 (2023), Unicorn (2022), The King of Pigs (2022) and Would You ..   See full data on Bae Yoo-ram »