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Getting to know Kim Jung-hwan

in K-Drama

Kim Jung-hwan (김정환)
Actor, also known as Kim Jung Hwan.

in South Korea and his birthday falls on 05 May, 1986 (Taurus). Other famous artistes born in 1986 also include U-Know and Shim Hee-sub.

Birthday1986-05-05 (age 36)
Birth CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


The actor has acted in at least 12 drama shows. His recent drama shows include Our Blues (2022), Juvenile Justice (2022), Ghost Doctor (2022) and The One and Only (2021).


Featured Dramas relating to Kim Jung-hwan

1Our Blues (2022)

Kim Jung-hwan acted as Son Man Su (Choon Hee's son and Eun Gi's father) in Our Blues.

Our Blues with a star-studded cast including Shin Min-ah, Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin

Released in 2022 on tvN. Who's in the cast of Our Blues ? The cast includes Kim Kwang-kyu who played Kim Myung-bo, Park Ji-hwan as Jung In Kwon main and Shim Dal-gi acting as Jung Eun Hee (Young).

The drama is set against the backdrop of Jeju island, capturing the lives of people who are connected to the island in different ways — people who were born and have lived in Jeju Island, people who have come to work and live at the island and those who have departed and then returned at some point in their lives.

Check out our "Our Blues"-themed Jeju island map that helps you discover the scenic filming locations of Our Blues at the islan..   See full data on Our Blues (2022) »

2Juvenile Justice (2022)

Kim Jung-hwan acted as Prosecutor cameo in Juvenile Justice.

Juvenile Justice (2022) starring Kim Hye-soo as a judge at the Juvenile Court

Released in 2022 on Netflix. Find out who acted in Juvenile Justice. The cast includes Lee Jung-eun who played Na Geun Hee main , Lee Sung-min as Kang Won Joong main and Lee Yeon acting as Baek Sung Woo.  See full data on Juvenile Justice (2022) »

3Ghost Doctor (2022)

Kim Jung-hwan acted as Doctor in Ghost Doctor.

Ghost Doctor 幽灵医生

Released in 2022 on tvN. Check out the actors and actresses in Ghost Doctor. The cast includes Tae In-ho who played Han Seung Won, Rain as Cha Young-min main and Han Seung-hyun acting as Hwang Kook Chan (Coma ghost).  See full data on Ghost Doctor (2022) »

4The One and Only (2021)

Kim Jung-hwan acted as Kang Seo Goon (Morning Light Hospice) in The One and Only.

The One and Only (한 사람만) starring Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Kyung-nam, Kang Ye-won and Park Soo-young

Released in 2021 on JTBC. Check out the cast of The One and Only. The cast includes So Hee-jung who played Moon Young-Ji, Lee Hang-na as Choi Sung-Hae and Jang Hyun-sung acting as Pyo Kang Seon (In Sook's father).  See full data on The One and Only (2021) »

5Doctor John (2019)

Kim Jung-hwan acted as Ahn Seung Hyun (Reporter) (Ep. 8) cameo in Doctor John.

Released in 2019 on SBS. Check out the cast of Doctor John. The cast includes So Hee-jung who played Yoo Ri-Hye's mother, Kim Hye Eun as Min Tae Kyung (Shi Young's mother / Chief - Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine) and Lee Seung-chul acting as Inmate 6124 (Ep. 1) cameo. The Doctor John production clinched Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actress) (by Lee Se Young) at the SBS Drama Awards (2019).  See full data on Doctor John (2019) »