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Getting to know Go Doo-shim

in K-Drama

Go Doo-shim (고두심)
Actress, also known as Ko Doo-sim.

At 161cm, Go Doo-shim is among the top 5 tallest female artistes from Jeju.

Go Doo-shim's birth place is Jeju, Jeju, and her birthday falls on 22 May, 1951 (Gemini). Notable artistes from also include .

She is 161 cm tall.

Do You Know?
Go Doo-shim has acted in the main roles of close to 13 K-drama shows, putting her in the top 10% among all female artistes in this aspect.

A veteran actress with an impressive acting career that spans more than 46 years, Go Doo-shim recently appeared in Our Blues (2022), Island Season 1 (2022) and The One and Only (2021)

Birthday1951-05-22 (age 71)
Height161 cm
Birth CityJeju
Birth State/provinceJeju
Birth CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Go Doo-shim has acted in numerous drama shows (at least 66 shows). Her recent drama shows include Island Season 1 (2022), Our Blues (2022), The One and Only (2021) and Go With (2020).


Go Doo-shim has been prolific in acting, having acted in at least 18 movies. Her recent movies include Everglow (2021), Start Up (2019), Exit (2019) and The Preparation (2017).


Featured Dramas relating to Go Doo-shim

1Our Blues (2022)

Go Doo-shim acted as Hyun Choon Hee main in Our Blues.

Our Blues with a star-studded cast including Shin Min-ah, Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin

Released in 2022 on tvN. Who's in the cast of Our Blues ? The cast includes Kim Kwang-kyu who played Kim Myung-bo, Park Ji-hwan as Jung In Kwon main and Shim Dal-gi acting as Jung Eun Hee (Young).

The drama is set against the backdrop of Jeju island, capturing the lives of people who are connected to the island in different ways — people who were born and have lived in Jeju Island, people who have come to work and live at the island and those who have departed and then returned at some point in their lives.

Check out our "Our Blues"-themed Jeju island map that helps you discover the scenic filming locations of Our Blues at the islan..   See full data on Our Blues (2022) »

2The One and Only (2021)

Go Doo-shim acted as Yook Seong Ja (In Sook's grandmother) in The One and Only.

The One and Only (한 사람만) starring Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Kyung-nam, Kang Ye-won and Park Soo-young

Released in 2021 on JTBC. Check out the cast of The One and Only. The cast includes So Hee-jung who played Moon Young-Ji, Lee Hang-na as Choi Sung-Hae and Jang Hyun-sung acting as Pyo Kang Seon (In Sook's father).  See full data on The One and Only (2021) »

3When the Camellia Blooms (2019)

Go Doo-shim acted as Kwak Duk Soon (Yong Shik's mother) in When the Camellia Blooms.

When the Camellia Blooms starring Gong Hyo-jin, Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok, Son Dam-bi, Kim Kang-hoon

Released in 2019 on KBS2. Check out the actors and actresses in When the Camellia Blooms. The cast includes Baek Eun-hye who played Sung-hee, Lee Jung-eun as Jo Jung Sook (Dong Baek's mother) and Jung Ga-ram acting as Kang Pil Goo (Adult) (Ep. 18, 20, 36, 40) cameo. The When the Camellia Blooms production has clinched 12 awards - including Multiple Categories (by Kang Haneul) at the 33rd KBS Drama Awards (2019) and Best Actor (by Kang Ha-Neul) at the 18th Korea First Brand Awards (2019).  See full data on When the Camellia Blooms (2019) »

4My Mister (2018)

Go Doo-shim acted as Byun Yo Soon (Dong Hoon's mother) in My Mister.

My Mister (나의 아저씨) starring Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Ji-eun

Released in 2018 on tvN. Find out who acted in My Mister. The cast includes Jung Young-joo who played Jo Ae-Ryun, Jung Hae-kyun as Director Park Dong-un and Kim Seo-ha acting as Movie co. staff (Ep. 3) cameo. The My Mister production has won 2 awards - Best New Actor (by Jang Ki Yong) at the 6th APAN Star Awards (2018) and V Live Popularity Award (Female) (by IU) at the Baeksang Arts Awards (2019).  See full data on My Mister (2018) »

5High Society (2015)

Go Doo-shim acted as Min Hye Soo (Yoon Ha's mother) in High Society.

High Society (상류 사회) starring Park Hyung-sik and Lim Ji-yeon

Released in 2015 on SBS. Check out the actors and actresses in High Society. The cast includes Park Hyung Sik who played Yoo Chang Soo main , Lim Jiyeon as Lee Ji-yi main and Jung Da-woon acting as Support role. The High Society production has netted 5 awards - including Best New Actress (by Lim Jiyeon) at the 4th APAN Star Awards (2015) and Best New Actress (by Lim Jiyeon) at the 4th APAN Star Awards (2015).  See full data on High Society (2015) »

6Queen In Hyeon (1988)

Go Doo-shim acted as Lady Shin (Prince Sung Seon's wife) in Queen In Hyeon.

500 Years of Joseon — Queen Inhyeon 인현왕

Released in 1988 on MBC. Check out the cast of Queen In Hyeon. The cast includes Go Doo-shim who played Lady Shin (Prince Sung Seon's wife), Woo Hee-jin as Crown Princess Shim and Shin Kwi-shik acting as Kim Soo Hang.

In historical Joseon period, Queen Inhyeon was the second wife and Queen Consort of King Sukjong. She held the title of the Queen of Joseon between 1681-1688 and 1694-1701 and is one of the best known Queens in Joseon history.  See full data on Queen In Hyeon (1988) »

Featured Movies relating to Go Doo-shim

1Exit (2019)

Go Doo-shim acted as Hyun Ok (Yong Nam's mother) in Exit.

Exit (엑시트) starring Yoona and Jo Jung Suk

Released in 2019. Find out who acted in Exit. The cast includes Jo Jung-suk who played Lee Yong Nam main , Lee Dong-hwi as River cop cameo and Bae Hae Seon acting as Director Bae. The Exit production has netted 7 awards - including Female Movie Actress (by Yoona) at the Korea First Brand Awards (2019) and Popular Star Award (by Yoona) at the Blue Dragon Film Awards (2019).  See full data on Exit (2019) »

2Good Morning, President (2009)

Go Doo-shim acted as Han Kyeong Ja main in Good Morning, President.

Good Morning, President (굿모닝 프레지던트) starring Jang Dong-gun, Go Doo-shim and Lee Soon-jae

Released in 2009. Check out the actors and actresses in Good Morning, President. The cast includes Jang Dong-gun who played Cha Ji Wook main , Ryu Seung-ryong as North Korean emissary cameo and Han Chae-young acting as Kim Yi Yun.  See full data on Good Morning, President (2009) »

3Plum Blossom (2000)

Go Doo-shim acted as Nam Ok's mother in Plum Blossom.

Released in 2000. Find out who acted in Plum Blossom. The cast includes Bae Doona who played Seo Nam-ok, Go Doo-shim as Nam Ok's mother and Lee Yoon-gun acting as Homeroom teacher. The Plum Blossom production won Best New Actress (by Bae Doona) at the Director's Cut Awards (2000).  See full data on Plum Blossom (2000) »