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Getting to know Seo Hye-won

in K-Drama

Seo Hye-won (서혜원)
Actress, also known as Seo Hee-won.

Seo Hye-won has acted in around 18 K-drama shows, ranking her in the top 10% among the cohort of female artistes who are born in the year 1993.

With more than 5 years of acting experience, Seo Hye-won recently appeared in Business Proposal (2022), Bloody Heart (2022) and Alchemy of Souls (2022)

Seo Hye-won is born in South Korea on 04 November, 1993 (Scorpio). Other well-known artistes born in the year of 1993 include Jung Eun-ji and Kim Da-som.

She studied at Yong In University.

Birthday1993-11-04 (age 28)
Birth CountrySouth Korea

Hye-won is well known for her performances in several dramas — True Beauty, Cheongdam-dong Alice and Nevertheless.

In fact, it seemed that Seo Hye-won burst into the K-drama mainstream with a slew of back-to-back high-profile dramas from 2021 to 2022, with distinctive performances as So-I in Alchemy of Souls, Hyang-yi in Bloody Heart, a cameo role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and probably her most memorable performance in 2022 as Jo Yoo-jeong in Business Proposal, all in 2022 alone.

Seo Hye-won as the Queen of Konglish (Korean + English) in Business Proposal

In Business Proposal, her mastery of Konglish, or the fusion language of Korean and English, is astoundingly polished. She totally melted into the comical character of a rich family's daughter who tries to conjure up a cosmopolitan front by peddling English phrases amidst her Korean speak.


The actress has acted in at least 18 drama shows. Her recent drama shows include One Hundred Won Butler (2022), Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), Alchemy of Souls (2022) and Bloody Heart (2022).



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Featured Dramas relating to Seo Hye-won

1My Strange Hero (2018)

Seo Hye-won acted as Kim Bo Kyung (Ep.8) cameo in My Strange Hero.

My Strange Hero 복수가 돌아왔다 starring Yoo Seung-ho, Jo Bo-ah (Cho Bo-ah) and Kwak Dong-yeon

Released in 2018 on SBS. Check out the cast of My Strange Hero. The cast includes Kim Young-sun who played Young Min's mother, Kim Kwang-kyu as Song Yoo-taek and Lee Kang-min acting as Yoon Sung Woo (Bok Soo’s classmate). The My Strange Hero production won Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries (by Cho Bo-Ah) at the SBS Drama Awards (2019).

The story starts in the high school years of Kang Bok Soo (Yoo Seung-ho) where he was expelled from false accusations of committing acts of violence. Now, as an adult, Kang Bok Soo decides to return to the same high school to get revenger on his ..   See full data on My Strange Hero (2018) »

2Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020)

Seo Hye-won acted as Cho So Yoo in Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation.

Released in 2020 on OCN. Find out who acted in Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation. The cast includes Kim Kwang-kyu who played Gang boss, Seo Hye-won as Cho So Yoo and Kwon Hyuk-bum acting as Lee Tae Sung (Ep. 3, 5) cameo .  See full data on Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020) »

3True Beauty (2020)

Seo Hye-won acted as Se Mi's friend in True Beauty.

True Beauty 여신강림 starring Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-youp, and Park Yoo-na

Released in 2020 on tvN. Who's in the cast of True Beauty ? The cast includes Seo Hye-won who played Se Mi's friend, Lim Hyun-sung as Mr. Prince and Im Hyun-sung acting as Comic store owner.

True Beauty is a webtoon story that centers on a high school girl who is bullied and discriminated at school because of her ugliness. Undaunted, she masters the art of makeup to transform herself into a gorgeous goddess. The story is based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi.  See full data on True Beauty (2020) »

4Mad for Each Other (2021)

Seo Hye-won acted as Survey woman (Ep. 1) cameo in Mad for Each Other.

Mad for Each Other starring Jung Woo and Oh Yeon Seo

Released in 2021 on KakaoTV, Netflix. Find out who acted in Mad for Each Other. The cast includes Seo Hye-won who played Survey woman (Ep. 1) cameo , Lee Yoon-hee as Security guard cameo and Lee Hye-eun acting as Sun Young (Women's association's vice president).  See full data on Mad for Each Other (2021) »

5Nevertheless (2021)

Seo Hye-won acted as Jang Se Young in Nevertheless.

Nevertheless (알고있지만) starring Han So-hee, Song Kang and Chae Jong-hyeop

Released in 2021 on JTBC , Netflix. Who's in the cast of Nevertheless ? The cast includes Seo Jae-hee who played Professor guest , Seo Hye-won as Jang Se Young and Han So Hee acting as Yoo Na Bi main .  See full data on Nevertheless (2021) »

Featured Movies relating to Seo Hye-won

1Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming (2021)

Seo Hye-won acted as Ahn Mi Sook in Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming.

Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming 여고괴담 여섯번째 이야기: 모교 starring Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Hyun-soo and Choi Ri

Released in 2021. Check out the actors and actresses in Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming. The cast includes Seo Hye-won who played Ahn Mi Sook, Kim Seo-hyung as Noh Eun Hee main and Lee Sae-byul acting as Mi Sook's grandmother, young cameo .  See full data on Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming (2021) »