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Getting to know Han Sa-myung

in K-Drama

Han Sa-myung (한사명)
Also known as Han Geun-sub.

With an acting career spanning more than 14 years, Han Sa-myung recently appeared in A Model Family (2022), If You Wish Upon Me (2022) and Adamas (2022)

in South Korea and her birthday falls on 20 January, 1986 (Aquarius).

Birthday1986-01-20 (age 36)
Birth CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


The actress has acted in at least 38 drama shows. Her recent drama shows include Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), Adamas (2022), If You Wish Upon Me (2022) and A Model Family (2022).


The actress has at least 38 movies to her filmography. Her recent movies include Anchor (2022), The Man of Merit (2021), What Happened to Mr. Cha? (2021) and Teuri (2020).

Featured Dramas relating to Han Sa-myung

1Moonshine (2021)

Han Sa-myung acted as Young Hoon (Ep. 1, 7-10) cameo in Moonshine.

Moonshine staring Hyeri and Yoo Seung-ho

Released in 2021 on KBS2. Check out the cast of Moonshine. The cast includes Jung Young-joo who played Dae-Mo, Yoo Seung Ho as Nam Young main and Park Ah-in acting as Woon Sim.  See full data on Moonshine (2021) »

2Bad and Crazy (2021)

Han Sa-myung acted as Junkyard guy (Ep. 6) cameo in Bad and Crazy.

Bad and Crazy 배드 앤 크레이지 starring Lee Dong-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Han Ji-eun and Cha Hak-yeon

Released in 2021 on tvN-iQIYI. Check out the cast of Bad and Crazy. The cast includes Lim Ki-hong who played Assemblyman Do Yu-Gon, Kim Shin-rok as Prisoner cameo and Yoon Dae-yeol acting as Beaten gang member (Ep. 5) cameo .  See full data on Bad and Crazy (2021) »

3Happiness (2021)

Han Sa-myung acted as Sung Woo Je (Ep. 1) cameo in Happiness.

Happiness 해피니스 starring Park Hyung-sik and Han Hyo-joo

Released in 2021 on tvN. Check out the actors and actresses in Happiness. The cast includes Han Hyo Joo who played Yoon Sae Bom main , Park Hyung Sik as Jung Yi Hyun main and Moon Ye-won acting as Woo Sang Hee.  See full data on Happiness (2021) »

4One the Woman (2021)

Han Sa-myung acted as Woo Sung (Samgeori gang) (Ep. 1, 3, 7-9, 14-15) cameo in One the Woman.

One the Woman

Released in 2021 on SBS TV. Find out who acted in One the Woman. The cast includes Song Won-seok who played Han Seong Woon (Hanju Group's second son / Mi Na's Husband), Jo Yeon-Hee as Heo Jae Hee (Hanju Group's eldest daughter-in-law) and Yoon Dae-yeol acting as Woo Bum (Samgeori gang) (Ep. 1, 3, 7-9, 11, 14-15) cameo. The One the Woman production netted Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries Romance/Comedy Drama (by Song Won-seok) at the SBS Drama Awards (2021).  See full data on One the Woman (2021) »

5The Devil Judge (2021)

Han Sa-myung acted as Juk Chang fan (Ep. 10) cameo in The Devil Judge.

The Devil Judge 악마판사 starring Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Park Jin-young and Park Gyu-young

Released in 2021 on tvN. Check out the cast of The Devil Judge. The cast includes Park Jin-young who played Kim Ga-on / Kang Isaac main , Lee Seo-hwan as Park Du-Man and Jeon Chae-eun acting as Kang Elijah (Yo Han's niece).  See full data on The Devil Judge (2021) »

6Racket Boys (2021)

Han Sa-myung acted as Drunk coach (Ep. 11) cameo in Racket Boys.

Released in 2021 on SBS. Find out who acted in Racket Boys. The cast includes Choi Hyun Wook who played Na Woo-chan main , Park Hae-soo as Lee Jae Joon (Coach / Hyun Jong's childhood friend) (Ep. 6) cameo and Lee Joon-hyuk acting as Yoo Jin Ho (Gwangju Construction site) (Ep. 6) cameo. The Racket Boys production netted Best New Actor (by Choi Hyun Wook) at the SBS Drama Awards (2021).  See full data on Racket Boys (2021) »

Featured Movies relating to Han Sa-myung

1Anchor (2022)

Han Sa-myung acted as Camera reporter in Anchor.

Released in 2022. Who's in the cast of Anchor ? The cast includes Jung Soon-won who played Choi (Producer), Shin Ha-kyun as Choi In Ho main and Kim Rok-kyung acting as Delivery man.  See full data on Anchor (2022) »

2Secret Zoo (2020)

Han Sa-myung acted as Police officer in Secret Zoo.

Secret Zoo (해치지않아) starring Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Sung-oh and Jeon Yeo-been

Released in 2020. Find out who acted in Secret Zoo. The cast includes Ahn Jae-hong who played Kang Tae-Soo main , Han Ye-ri as Min Chae Ryung (Ra Kwon's president) and Park Hyung Soo acting as Lawyer Song.  See full data on Secret Zoo (2020) »

3Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist (2018)

Han Sa-myung acted as Beggar in Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist.

Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist (흥부) starring Jung Woo, Kim Joo-hyuk, Jung Jin-young and Jung Hae-in

Released in 2018. Check out the cast of Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist. The cast includes Kang Haneul who played Park Dol Po cameo , Jung Sang-hoon as Kim Sat-gat and Chun Woo-hee acting as Seon Chul cameo .  See full data on Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist (2018) »

4Heart Blackened (2017)

Han Sa-myung acted as Parcel service driver in Heart Blackened.

Heart Blackened (침묵의 목격자) starring Choi Min-shik and Park Shin-hye

Released in 2017. Check out the cast of Heart Blackened. The cast includes Jo Han-chul who played Jung Seung-Gil, Lee Soo-kyung as Im Mi Ra and Park Hae-joon acting as Dong Sung Shik. The Heart Blackened production has netted 2 awards - Best Supporting Actress – Film (by Lee Soo-kyung) at the Baeksang Arts Awards (2018) and Top Star Award (by Choi Min-sik) at the Korea Film Actors Association Awards (2017).  See full data on Heart Blackened (2017) »

5A Taxi Driver (2017)

Han Sa-myung acted as University student protester in A Taxi Driver.

A Taxi Driver (택시운전사) starring Song Kang-ho, Thomas Kretschmann, Yoo Hae-jin, and Ryu Jun-yeol

Released in 2017. Find out who acted in A Taxi Driver. The cast includes Jeon Hye-jin who played Sang Koo's mother cameo , Lee Jung-eun as Tae Sool's wife and Ko Chang-seok acting as Sang Goo's father cameo. The A Taxi Driver production has won 8 awards - including Best Star Award – Actor (by Ryu Jun Yeol) at the Asia Artist Awards (2017) and Favorite Middle-Aged Actor (by Song Kang-ho) at the Korea World Youth Film Festival (2017).  See full data on A Taxi Driver (2017) »

6The King of Jokgu (2014)

Han Sa-myung acted as Unknown in The King of Jokgu.

The King of Jokgu (족구왕) starring Ahn Jae-hong, Hwang Seung-eon and Jung Woo-sik

Released in 2014. Check out the actors and actresses in The King of Jokgu. The cast includes Ahn Jae-hong who played Hong Man-seop main , Bae Yoo-ram as Dept. of Mechanical Engineering cameo and Kim Chang-hwan acting as Man Sub's roommate) | (Referee. The The King of Jokgu production has netted 2 awards - Best Actor (by Ahn Jae-hong) at the Wildflower Film Awards (2015) and Best New Actor (by Ahn Jae-hong) at the Director's Cut Awards (2015).  See full data on The King of Jokgu (2014) »