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Getting to know Im Sung-jae

in K-Drama

Im Sung-jae (임성재)

in South Korea and his birthday falls on 18 January, 1987 (Capricorn). Notable artistes from also include .

Do You Know?
Im Sung-jae has acted in close to 13 Korean movies, putting him in the top 10% among male artistes who are born in the year 1987.

With more than 7 years of acting experience, Im Sung-jae recently appeared in Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), Anchor (2022) and Bad and Crazy (2021)

Birthday1987-01-18 (age 35)
Birth CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


The actor has acted in at least 7 drama shows. His recent drama shows include Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), Bad and Crazy (2021), Here's My Plan (2021) and Vincenzo (2021).


Im Sung-jae has been prolific in acting, having acted in at least 14 movies. His recent movies include Anchor (2022), A Year-End Medley (2021), Nothing Serious (2021) and Unframed (2021).

Featured Dramas relating to Im Sung-jae

1Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)

Im Sung-jae acted as Kim Min Shik (Hairy's Pub) in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Released in 2022 on ENA , Netflix. Who's in the cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo ? The cast includes Seo Hye-won who played Choi Da Hye / "Coffee Shop" (Ep. 11) cameo , Jin Kyung as Tae Soo Mi and Kang Ki-young acting as Jung Myung Seok.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a story revolving around Woo Young-woo (played by Park Eun-bin) — a lawyer with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) or more commonly known as autism.

Despite her under-developed social-emotional skills, Young-woo has incredible savant skills that aid her attorney work — exceptional memory, hyper-creative thinking a..   See full data on Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) »

2Bad and Crazy (2021)

Im Sung-jae acted as President Ma (Mobile funeral home boss) (Ep. 2-3) cameo in Bad and Crazy.

Bad and Crazy 배드 앤 크레이지 starring Lee Dong-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Han Ji-eun and Cha Hak-yeon

Released in 2021 on tvN-iQIYI. Check out the cast of Bad and Crazy. The cast includes Lim Ki-hong who played Assemblyman Do Yu-Gon, Kim Shin-rok as Prisoner cameo and Yoon Dae-yeol acting as Beaten gang member (Ep. 5) cameo .  See full data on Bad and Crazy (2021) »

3Here's My Plan (2021)

Im Sung-jae acted as Pickpocket victim cameo in Here's My Plan.

Here's My Plan 목표가 생겼다 starring Kim Hwan-hee, Ryu Soo-young, Kim Do-hoon and Rie Young-zin

Released in 2021 on MBC. Find out who acted in Here's My Plan. The cast includes Kim Young-sun who played So Hyun's acquaintance cameo , Kim Do-hoon as Cho Yoon Ho main and Yoon Hyo-sik acting as Subway station staff (Ep.1).  See full data on Here's My Plan (2021) »

4Vincenzo (2021)

Im Sung-jae acted as Shaman Biryu (Ep. 15) cameo in Vincenzo.

Released in 2021 on tvN. Check out the cast of Vincenzo. The cast includes Jung Young-joo who played Attorney, Lee Hang-na as Kwak Hee-soo and Na Chul acting as Na Deok Jin. The Vincenzo production clinched Outstanding Korean Actor (by Song Joong-Ki) at the Seoul International Drama Awards (2021).  See full data on Vincenzo (2021) »

5Hyena (2020)

Im Sung-jae acted as Geum Ja's client (Ep.1) cameo in Hyena.

Hyena 하이에나 starring Kim Hye-soo and Ju Ji-hoon

Released in 2020 on SBS. Check out the cast of Hyena. The cast includes Kim Young-jae who played Yoon Hyuk Jae (Judge / Hee Jae's brother), Lee Hwang-eui as Yoon Choong-Yeon and Jun Suk-ho acting as Ga Gi Hyuk (Attorney @ Song & Kim). The Hyena production has netted 2 awards - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Action Drama (by Ju Ji-hoon) at the SBS Drama Awards (2020) and Excellence Award (by Kim Hye-soo) at the Asia Contents Awards (2020).  See full data on Hyena (2020) »

Featured Movies relating to Im Sung-jae

1Anchor (2022)

Im Sung-jae acted as Kim (Detective) in Anchor.

Released in 2022. Who's in the cast of Anchor ? The cast includes Jung Soon-won who played Choi (Producer), Shin Ha-kyun as Choi In Ho main and Kim Rok-kyung acting as Delivery man.  See full data on Anchor (2022) »

2The Book of Fish (2020)

Im Sung-jae acted as Naju husband in The Book of Fish.

The Book of Fish (자산어보) starring Sol Kyung-gu and Byun Yo-han

Released in 2020. Check out the actors and actresses in The Book of Fish. The cast includes Lee Jung-eun who played Woman from Gageo, Choi Wonyoung as Jeong Yak Jong cameo and Min Tae-yul acting as Ah Jeon of Naju cameo. The The Book of Fish production clinched Best Actor (by Byun Yo-han) at the Busan Film Critics Awards (2021).  See full data on The Book of Fish (2020) »

3Deliver Us from Evil (2020)

Im Sung-jae acted as Interpreter in Deliver Us from Evil.

Deliver Us from Evil (다만 악에서 구하소서) starring Hwang Jung-min, Lee Jung-jae and Park Jeong-min

Released in 2020. Who's in the cast of Deliver Us from Evil ? The cast includes Lee Jung-jae who played Sun Ray, Hwang Jung-min as Kim In Nam main and Ji Hyun-joon acting as Choon Sung's agent 1. The Deliver Us from Evil production won Grand Prize (Daesang) - Film (by Lee Jung-jae) at the Asia Artist Awards (2020).  See full data on Deliver Us from Evil (2020) »

4Sunset In My Hometown (2018)

Im Sung-jae acted as Suk Gi in Sunset In My Hometown.

Sunset In My Hometown (내 고향에서 일몰) — starring Kim Go-eun and Park Jung-min

Released in 2018. Check out the cast of Sunset In My Hometown. The cast includes Shin Hyun-been who played Mi Kyung, Jo Ha-seok as Homeroom Teacher and Ryu Seung-hyun acting as Manager.  See full data on Sunset In My Hometown (2018) »