HAEN stands for HAppiness ENjoyed!

The "Hallyu" wave started in the early 2000s and since then, K-entertainment has ubiquitously seeped into every corner of the globe, regardless of anyone's familiarity with the Korean language.
As K-entertainment fans and consumers, we have seen how K-Pop has grown by leaps and bounds from JYP's Wonder Girls to PSY's Gangnam Style and finally, BTS!
Similarly, Korean dramas and movies grew from targeting a regional Asian audience to streaming on a global stage and even achieving the highest viewerships (Squid Game!), thanks to the massive push from streaming giants such as Netflix.
At the same time, we see K-entertainment expanding rapidly beyond conventional K-pop, dramas and movies into the social metaverse scene, with experimentations such as Aespa, Eternity and crossing of K-Pop idols into virtual worlds like Zepeto.
So, at haen.ai, we hope to create an online place where we can share the casual insights that we have peering into the amazing K-entertainment industry. We hope you will make good, happy discoveries and enjoy our content here as well!
Editor, Eunbi